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Symphony in the Domain

Posted by redkoireviews on 21/01/2006

GershwinThis years Symphony in the Domain has focused on the work of George Gershwin. The Sydney Symphony Orchestra where excellent, as was conductor and pianst Wayne Marshall.
The melodies derived from musicals where a bit of a rush for my liking – better to keep the whole songs in tact.
Sharing the perfromance with 70,000 other people makes this more of a social event and less of a musical one. Conversations, smoking and being half a kilometre from the musicans are all pretty standard for this kind of outdoor event, but they do detract from the event. Like reading an abridged Shakespere, accesible but not as good as the original.
Oh, the 1812 overture was played again with a few lame fireworks and bangs, as is (apparently) the tradition. Yawn.
My Rating: 2.5 Stars


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