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Erwin Wurm, Glue your brain

Posted by redkoireviews on 28/01/2006

‘Glue your brain’ is being shown at the MCA as yet another feature of the Sydney Festival. Generally, modern art tends to amuse me but not enthral me. It often seems all a bit serious and overladen with meaning most people can’t access. However, this one is different. Much of it makes you smile or laugh. The use of clothing to create sculpture, or everyday object to create ’10min art’ actually does take the ordinary and make it something special.
People wandering through are encourgaed to ‘realise’ the artworks by becoming part of them, if only for a few seconds.
I’m sure there’s lots of meaning and symbolism for those who want that, but for the rest of us it’s a quirky detour from the humdrum of daily life.
My Rating: 3 Stars


One Response to “Erwin Wurm, Glue your brain”

  1. […] This is the third time my partner and I have seen these awards at the Australian Museum. Unlike a lot of modern art like Erwin Wurm, there is no subtext or artistic plot to wade through before you can enjoy these wonderful photographs. […]

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