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Tan Dun – The Map

Posted by redkoireviews on 04/02/2006

Tan DunThis performance brought together the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Composer / Conductor Tan Dun. The first piece, Paper Concerto, used paper instruments to excellent effect. The piece is haunting, atmospheric and gives your imagination plenty to work with. Placing some violinists in the audience boxes made the music appear to come from everywhere. This is innovative, elegant new classical music, and I loved it.
The second piece was The Map. It’s worthwhile reading a bit about this piece, which was inspired after Dun met a ‘Stone Man’ musician in China whose stone music was dying out. The piece uses video recordings of indigenous chinese musicians as part of the musical and visual compostion. The eastern musical techniques combined with western instruments create a stunning kind of fusion classical. I think I liked this piece even better than the Paper Concerto. The Map is also a good example of why live classical can be better than at home with your CD. The use of multi-media simply wouldn’t carry into your lounge room.
My only complaint about the performance was the audience. I hate coughing and other bodily noises, especially in delicate productions like this one.
My Rating: 4.5 Stars


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