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Posted by redkoireviews on 10/02/2006

PissaroThis exhibition is showing at the Art Gallery of NSW. Pissaro is an amazing artist – his paintings really do capture the subtle sensations of light and movement in the French countryside and cities. I particularly liked the city and industrial scenes. They seems very alive, bright and full of the energy that came with the start of the industrial revolution.
The exhibition istelf was well laid out, themed with different styles and subects. Pay the money for one of the portable audio guides – they reveal so much more about the artist and the paintings.
Impressionist art like this is a lot more accesible than something like the Erwin Wurm exhibition and the MCA. I suppose that’s why there where so many people. It was PACKED. Go during business hours if you can.
My Rating: 4 Stars


One Response to “Pissaro”

  1. […] He was a naturalist painter, paving the way for impressionists that would follow like Pissaro. His cloudscapes, use of light and shadow, and grasp of weather conditions really define his work. Many of his sketches have the weather conditions on the back so he could come back in similar conditions to paint a larger, final version. It made my partner want to go home and start painting. Personally, I like his style, but not as much Pissaro. […]

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