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Gilbert & Sullivan

Posted by redkoireviews on 10/02/2006

Music by MoonlightThis “Best of Gilbert & Sullivan” was part of the “Music by Moonlight” series at Sydney Olympic Park. A cut down version of the Sydney Opera and Ballet Orchestra performed with singers from Opera Australia. The songs where picked to tell something of a story about the renound composers, and where introduced with a little but not too much information.
The performers where obviously having a great time, and that lifted the already excellent renditions. I went to “Symphony in the Domain” this year and while I like Gershwin more than Gilbert and Sullivan, this was a better performance.
The atmosphere was also better. It was less crowded and with fewer consversations during performances. Smokers were relegated off into an area right at the back, and the organisers had the sense to have a no-chair section at the front and a high chair bit at the back.
My main complaint (and it’s a biggy) was the food. I’m vegetarian and there was not one savoury, vegetarian food item. And because it’s Olympic Park, the food stalls are pretty much it. Food aside, a pleasant night out.
My Rating: 3.5 Stars


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