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Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition 2005

Posted by redkoireviews on 12/03/2006

Beech TreeThis is the third time my partner and I have seen these awards at the Australian Museum. Unlike a lot of modern art like Erwin Wurm, there is no subtext or artistic plot to wade through before you can enjoy these wonderful photographs.

That’s not to say they’re simply asthetic. The animal portraits in particular a emotional, full of life and personality. The category showing how humans can hurt or kill wildlife has a story to tell and made my teeth grind.

I think my favorites where some of the abstract photos – one of a still creek was mystical. Other faves where in the ‘wild places’ category. Perhaps the most impressive where the child categories – these pre-teenagers take photos far better than anything I’m capable of. Always worth a visit, and this year is no exception.

My Rating: 3.5 Stars


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