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Five Days in September

Posted by redkoireviews on 17/06/2006

Five Days in SeptemberFive Days in September” is a documentary that follows the first five days of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. It’s a well constructed insight into the daily machinations of a modern orchestra. The Orchestra has a new conductor and a real sense of renewed vitality under his leadership.

Although it’s clear that the musicians love what they do, the film does not carry a sense of passion with it. Perhaps that’s because it simply wasn’t there, perhaps it’s just that in five days, a film maker simply isn’t going to build up enough trust with the musicians for them to really open up.

My partner likes classical music more than I do, but I think this film increased my appreciation. The artistic and creative energy of the soloists and the conductor are very evident in the footage of rehearsals – really really get a sense of something being created despite the music being centuries old.

Not a standout of the Sydney film festival, but certainly worth seeing if you have any fondness at all for classical music or creative endeavour.

My Rating: 3.5 Stars


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