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“An Inconvenient Truth” with Al Gore

Posted by redkoireviews on 02/07/2006

An inconvenient truthI saw this great documentary a few weeks ago, at a pre-screening. I work for the Total Environment Centre, a little environment group in Sydney, Australia. As a consequence I’ve come across a lot of different information about climate change. It’s all truly scary, but very little is aimed at people who don’t already get it. This doco is one of those rare things that communicates climate change in layman’s terms.

The documentary is basically a film version of Al Gore’s climate change presentation. Since having left politics (a shame) he’s been doing this presentation. A lot. Al Gore is a great orator – someone for whom eloquent speeches seem natural. He makes sense of a barrage of information.

Oddly, this film made me angry. Angry that the Howard government of Oz has actually worked to water down the Kyoto protocol and has done precious little to avert the biggest environmental threat our society faces. Angry that my partner and I have decided not to have kids, largely because the future looks that bleak.

On the upside, this film is making massive inroads into raising public awareness of climate change. Lot’s of people will see it, and hopefully the changes they make to their own lives and to their vote, will help to kerb climate change.

I really do urge everyone to see this film, and to bring along 2 friends or family who are not converted. I’ll be bringing my parents. Check out for what you can do. Truth gets an very high 92% on rotten tomatoes. Better than any other film reviewed by me.

My Rating: 5 Stars


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