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Jemby Rinjah at Blackheath

Posted by redkoireviews on 11/07/2006

Jemby RinjahMy Partner and I stayed at Jemby Rinah over the weekend for our anniversary. It’s an eco-friendly type of place, set in the bush on the fringe of the Blue Mountains National Park in Blackheath.

Environmentally, it has rainwater tanks, solar power, and a dry composting toilet. The wood fireplace is not at all environmentally friendly but it is very romantic and warming in the middle of a blue mountains winter. The Japanese hot-tub isn’t very envio either, but at least it uses rainwater that is heated (at least partly) by the log fire.

I really needed a little moment out of my busy life to wind down a bit a relax, and our stay at Jemby did exactly that. Combined with the walks from Evans Lookout and out to Pulpit rock, it added up to an excellent weekend.

My only (small) complaint was with the buffet breakfast. While it was at the better end of buffet breakys, it was very overpriced. My suggestion is go down the road to one of the cafe’s and eat there.

My Rating: 4 Stars


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