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Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett

Posted by redkoireviews on 17/08/2006

Wyrd Sisters bookcoverI’ve given up on reading all the Guards series of discworld novels, but am still enjoying re-reading lot’s of other books by Terry Pratchett. Wyrd Sisters is a kind of Parody of Macbeth. King Verence of Lancre is killed by his cousin Duke Felmet. Verenece’s son (Tomjon) is given to Lancre’s three witches, who send him off with a troupe of theatre performers to keep him out of harms way. Everyone hates Duke Felmet and so the witches take destiny into their own hands and re-arrange things to speed up the progress of the Tomjon to the throne.

The plot is not one of Terry’s best, but that’s made up for by the witches themselves. Their personalities are larger than life, very funny, and at times rather dark.

If, like me, your life is a just a bit to real, Wyrd Sister will help you escape for a little while.

My Rating: 2.5 Stars


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