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“The lovely bones” by Alice Sebold

Posted by redkoireviews on 31/08/2006

The Lovely Bones bookcoverI’m having a good run of books at the moment. “The lovely bones” is one of those rare books that takes a grim plot and somehow manages to weave golden threads through it.

It tells the story of 14 year old Susie Salmon, who is raped and murdered by a local man. She finds herself in her very own heaven, able to watch the aftermath of her death. There is something very human about the struggles of her friends and family as they try to remember her, forget her or re-build lives cracked open by her.

Sebold doesn’t hide the grim nature of Susie’s death, but she doesn’t make it the central premise of the book either. In a similar fashion, the grief and pain in those who loved Susie is brought right into the heart of the reader, but so are the small flowers that grow in amongst the cracks of broken lives.

“The Lovely Bones” is most definately a compelling read. The sort of book you’ll want to read in one sitting, or well into the night.

My Rating: 4.5 Stars


One Response to ““The lovely bones” by Alice Sebold”

  1. missroselle said

    I don’t remember when I first read this book but I probably did so somewhere around last spring. I absolutely loved it and it kept me on the edge the whole time I read it till the end. Well worth a read and the buy!

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