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Little Miss Sunshine

Posted by redkoireviews on 03/12/2006

Little Miss Sunshine The MovieSorry I’ve been so long with so few posts – I’ve just changed jobs and things have been hectic. Anyway, my partner and I went and saw ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ at the movies last night. It’s one of those quirky dramas centered on a dysfunctional family and a road trip they embark on in order to get young Olive to the ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ child beauty pageant.

The main theme is winning losing and luck. Most of the characters go through some sort of trial where a dream is crushed by the cruel hand of fate for no particular reason. The family has plenty of differences but they all come together for Olive, whose innocent optimism is something they all love, and perhaps miss in their own lives. Check out the full synopsis if you want.
There are plenty of moments when it’s just hilarious – you won’t be disappointed when Olive finally gets her turn on stage at the contest. Go to rotten tomatoes for another view.

I really enjoyed this – if you missed it in cinemas, go rent the DVD.

My Rating: 4.5 Stars


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