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‘Keating’ the musical

Posted by redkoireviews on 01/01/2007

KeatingSorry for the delay – chistmas madness! This was our last performance at the Belvior St Theatre for 2006! “Keating!” is a musical satire and biography of former labor Prime Minister of Australia Paul Keating. The songs chart the political life of Paul Keating, and the various other politicians that he fought, defeated and was eventually defeated by.

It’s a great comedy that works really well in a theatre built for plays, but musical spectaculars. The band was a lot better than I thought it would be. And just because it’s a musical, don’t think the music is going to be flowery schmaltz – this has everything from blues to hip hop. I thought that Terry Serio did a so so Bob Hawke and a better John Howard. Mike McLeish had his work cut out for him as Paul Keating – almost every song had him in it. Casey Bennetto wrote the musical and performs in it as a hilarious Alexander Downer and John Hewson.

There’s a speech Keating made while he was Prime Minister at Redfern, about the unjust treatment of Indigenous Australians over the last 200 years of white occupation. It’s still fondly remembered by Labor party stalwarts, and in this musical, the whole speech is set to music, pretty much verbatim. It’s one of the few serious(ish) numbers and I liked it a lot.

A great way to finish off the year – Well done Company B!

My Rating: 4.5 Stars. For another review, see the smh.


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