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“The Mission Song” by John LeCarre

Posted by redkoireviews on 05/01/2007

bookcover for ‘The mission song’Before heading off to a friends house by the beach for a few days, I bought “The Mission Song” by John LeCarre for some summer reading. I was quickly hooked. The plot revolves around interpreter Bruno Salvador and his entanglement in a plot to mount a coup in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Like a lot of LeCarre’s novels, the central character is not an outright hero. In this case, Salvos ethos that a top interpreter does not pass judgement on the words he is translating brings him into the center of a insidious plan to make war in the country where he was born.

There is plenty of pace, suspense, and even a blooming romance – just what I was looking for in a great holiday read. But it’s not too light either, touching on plenty of current, global issues and problems.

I liked it, and I think I’ll be buying or borrowing more of his books.

My Rating: 4 Stars


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