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Hazelbrook Waterfall Bushwalk

Posted by redkoireviews on 06/01/2007

Junction FallsIn the last few days of my holidays I’ve been doing some things that have been on the ‘To do’ list for a while. One of the was this bushwalk. It starts at Hazelbrook train station (handy since I don’t own a car). You take a few backroads and tracks west towards Lawson, where I took lot’s of photos of an obliging dragonfly. From the ridges you descend down into gullies, where you find Adelina Falls, Junction Falls, Federal Falls and finally Cataract Falls. Waterfall ShrineAt Federal falls someone had built a kind of tiny, twig shrine at the base of the falls (Photo on right). It was mysterious and touching. They are not a Niagara, but they are full of ferns, moss, birds and sandstone. No leeches makes them even better.

From there you head back up onto the ridges and along to the next set of waterfalls and pools. The first is Victor falls followed by Terrance Falls. Willawong Pool is a short stroll away, and had the day been hotter, I would have taken a swim there. Bedford pool is the last feature, with a sandy beech along the creek’s edge.

The walk out again was the least pleasurable part, being uphill, on more open tracks, with an annoying and noisy trailbiker on the firetrail with me. All up it was a bit over 10 kilometers long, with a bit of hillclimbing (my book says about 220m ascent).

Unfortunately I couldn’t find much info about this walk on the net, so if you want more you’ll have to buy the book ‘Bushwalks in the Sydney Region’ Volume 2, or you could dig around in the walk archive of the National Parks Association.

My Rating: 4.5 Stars


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