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“Here comes the Sun” by Tom Holt

Posted by redkoireviews on 13/01/2007

divine comedies“Here comes the sun” is the first half of a Tom Holt Omnibus called “Divine Comedies”. My partner loves Tom Holt, and encouraged me to have another go after my disappointment with “Paint your Dragon“. She managed to convert me to Terry Pratchett this way, but the approach has not won me over for Tom Holt.

The book is a kind of fantasy-with- surreal- connections- to- reality. Heaven and Hell are actually gigantic administrative nightmares that have resulted in terrible mismanagement of earth. Even the sun is stolen for a joyride. A couple of the more scheming types in senior management of Heaven and Hell buck the system and recruit a mortal to help sort things out.

The book is riddled with over the top metaphors and similies that are supposed to be funny but just get a bit boring after the twentieth time. I didn’t really love or hate any of the characters and the plot just wasn’t appealing to me, however zany.

Sorry, but Tom Holt is simply a shadow of Terry Pratchett.

My Rating: 1.5 Stars


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