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The Gates of Egpyt

Posted by redkoireviews on 18/02/2007

The Gates of EgpytMy partner and I saw “The Gates of Egypt” performed by Company B last night. You realise just how deeply the wars in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq have angered people when you take a look at the number of plays that draw on them. This one revolves around normal Aussie grandmother Clarice, who has been left feeling at odds with her world after the death of her husband. Against the better judgement of her daughters, she takes a trip alone to Egypt, where she confronts the hate brewed by various wars in the middle east, and faces up to years of apathy about it in her own life and in those around her.

The play has a lot to say about our ability to distance oursleves from what is done in our name on the battlefront. There’s a sense of powerlessness, of life unfolding in predictable ways that you might regret later. Rather than being 100% political commentary on war, it draws you into the life, loves and regrets of a woman and her family.

Clarice and Frank where both acted very well (by Lynette Curran and Russell Kiefel), but let down by a script so wordy it got in the way on more than a couple of occasions. There are many monologues that would read better than they act. Actor Damian Rice might have been hamstrung by the script as well – his character came across as too stereotypical, one dimensional and over the top.

We also saw the last play written by Stephen Sewell, “It just stopped“. I really liked that one for it’s interesting premise and tight script. It was also full of lot’s of big issues but someone it drew me in a lot more.

Not one of the best plays by Belvior, hopefully better to come as the year progresses. For a second opinion see the Sydney Morning Herald review.

My Rating: 2.5 Stars


3 Responses to “The Gates of Egpyt”

  1. Nice blog!

  2. Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

  3. Katherine said

    Your blog is so much more balanced than anything I could say about this play. It’s the worst I’ve seen all year and it made me really ANGRY.

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