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The paper will be blue

Posted by redkoireviews on 01/07/2007

The Paper will be BlueSorry for the delay, but “The paper will be blue” was another film that my partner and I saw at this years film festival. This film is set in Bucharest on the the night dictator Ceausescu lost power. It follows a small unit of soldiers in their armoured vehicle as they meander around the city, unsure what to do and unwilling to be drawn into anything that might look like trouble. Given there is a revolution going on, the film has a oddly slow pace. Several of the characters are totally unflapped by what is going on around them.

One of the younger members of the unit defects, almost as a spur of the moment decision, and wanders into the throng of those civilians taking control of the TV station. The blurry lines between soldier, defector and civilian make for comic situations as Costi tumbles along and his unit try to track him down.  The film has it’s moment, but there wasn’t enough to really suck you in. Compared to Control, this was a dud. But that’s because Control was awesome.

My Rating: 2 Stars


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