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Snorkelling at Bushranger Bay

Posted by redkoireviews on 04/01/2007

Bushranger BayI have a mate who lives in Wollongong, on the coast south of Sydney. I wen down there for a few days between Christmas and New Years and went snorkeling in Bushranger Bay, just south of Shellharbour.

It’s too far south for brightly coloured tropical corals and fish, but there was plenty to see. Not more than a few meters from the shoreline, small schools of small fish where having a rest. I floated with them for a while checking out their coloured bands – very cute. Then I noticed a group of about 5 largeish silver fish, each about a foot long. They where stalking the small fish looking for an easy lunch. Further out, in the middle of the bay I spotted a sand coloured sting ray about 20cm wide. I ducked dived down close enough to see those two weird eyes on the top of it’s flat body. Finally, at the mouth of the bay, a large school of fish where having a rest. They where about 15cm long, blue with a white strip on their tail. I floated around them and as they got used to me they came closer, surrounding me. Totally amazing!

I loved it and will be going back. If you choose to go, here’s a few tips;

  • Go in the morning, while the wind is low and visibility is good
  • Go at low tide – it just seems to be better
  • Flippers are a must, a wetsuit and a weight belt would have been great – I had to get out an warm up regularly. You can hire everything in Shellharbour or Windang.
  • Take care not to get burnt!

I highly recommend it – it’s just not that often you can get close to animals like this in the wild!

My rating: 4.5 Stars

For more info, see this site


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Auburn Botanical Gardens

Posted by redkoireviews on 12/02/2006

Red bridge in Japanese GardensWe tried to make a bit of walk of this by leaving the car at the end of Sixth St in Auburn and walking along the banks of Duck River to the gardens. However, Duck river is very infested with weeds and so was not a great walk.

The Gardens however where fantastic. The best area is definately the Japanese Garden. I has lovely ponds with large Koi, swans, zen gardens, waterfalls and is beautifully landscaped. Other setions include a pool of reflection, maze, scented garden, billabong, and bonsai collection. The ‘rainforest’ section isn’t quite convincing because, lets face it, Auburn is too dry and hot!

My main suggestion is to spend more time there than we did – bring a rug and have a picnic. It’s too restfull a place to zoom through it. Oh, and watch out for the swans – they’ll peck your feet if you don’t feed them!

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

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